Milwaukee Common Council denies Hawley water main break appeal

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- It has been nearly 15 months since a large water main break on Hawley Road south of I-94 flooded nearby homes and submerged vehicles.

A number of residents filed claims seeking reimbursement from the city. However, Milwaukee Common Council voted not to pay for the thousands of dollars in damage on Tuesday, March 23. 

All council members agreed the homeowners were not at fault, but many alders also believe the city was not at fault either. They expressed concern that a "yes" vote would set a dangerous precedent.

"I feel confident that if this were nine water main breaks that through some miracle only affected one person, we wouldn't even be thinking about this," Alderman Scott Spiker for the 13th District in Milwaukee said. 

The council voted 11 to four to deny reimbursement. 

The settlement would have been paid for by a water works rate increase for Milwaukee residents.

People who had their appeal denied Tuesday can still take the matter to court. 

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