Milwaukee Braves' Bob 'Hurricane' Hazle honored at AmFam Field

NOW: Milwaukee Braves’ Bob ’Hurricane’ Hazle honored at AmFam Field

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee baseball player is being honored with a new plaque on the side of American Family Field. It's an honor 66 years in the making.

The new plaque on the Braves Wall of Honor is for legendary player Bob "Hurricane" Hazle.

"The string of injuries resulted in a rookie by the name of Robert Hazle being called up along from Witchita. It wasn't long before they were calling Bob 'Hurricane Hazle,'" said an announcer from the 1950s.

On Monday, Brewers officials honored Hazle, a player who they say people didn't expect much from at first, but they were wrong.

"Thanks to a huge boost from Hazle, the Milwaukee Braves proved they won best club in the National League and ultimately, as we all well know, the World Series," said Brewers play-by-play broadcaster Josh Maurer.

Bob Hazle's grandson, Sid Hazle, was there as well.

"He was also my granddad that's what I remembered by," said Sid.

It means a lot to him and his family that his granddad is being honored like this, just over 30 years after he passed away.

"It was a real tearjerker just coming here," said Sid.

Brewers officials say the 20 Braves players honored on the outer walls of American Family Field are an important for remembering the history of baseball in Milwaukee.

They say honoring these players is made possible by dedicated people.

"[The Braves were a] great collection of talent and easily forgotten if not for the great work of [the Braves Historical Society] and everybody who supported this," said Brewers Business Operations President Rick Schlesinger.

"I'm very thankful for the Milwaukee Brewers honoring him and for the people, the historians that have kept his memory alive and push the issue to put them on the wall," said Sid.

Brewers officials say with the addition of Hazle's plaque, the Braves Wall of Honor is now complete.

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