Milwaukee Asst. Police Chief Jeffrey Norman is now acting chief until further notice

NOW: Milwaukee Asst. Police Chief Jeffrey Norman is now acting chief until further notice

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Former acting chief of police Michael Brunson retired Wednesday, Dec. 23.

The Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission is torn between two police chief finalists, Malik Aziz and Hoyt Mahaley.

Now, Assistant Chief Jeffrey Norman is acting chief of police. Norman says he does not know how long he will be in the position but he is ready to serve the city as long as needed.

“Honored to be in this position, it’s not about what happened in the past, it’s about understanding what’s going on in the future," Chief Jeffrey Norman said.

Norman is taking over the top spot while the city is handling issues surrounding former chief Alfonso Morales. A judge recently ruled that Morales should not have been demoted to captain and reinstated his chief position.

“That’s being dealt with in regards to the FPC in regards to that particular situation so I don’t have any comment for that.”

Norman says despite the issues surrounding the department, he’s focusing on dealing with the increase in homicides.

“We understand there are certain activities that are going on out there where there is domestic violence, working with our partners, or dealing with the victims, understanding the suspects out there, we have issues with the arguments that are contributing to the homicides," he said.

Chief Norman has been with Milwaukee police for 24 years. He says he knows the "ins and outs" of the department, well -- enough to lead.

“I’m having that unique and personal view being here. I know what’s going on, I know what needs to be done, I’m already doing it, been doing it," he said. “I also have a mindset that we’re going to get this done, I understand the power of teams. I understand the power of accountability, I understand collaboration and partnership. I believe in all those and that’s what I will bring to this acting chief police capacity.

The FPC is expected to vote again on Jan. 7.

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