Milwaukee Assistant City Attorney calls 27 Street Tobacco a Open Air Drug Market

The city of Milwaukee will ask a judge Friday to shut down a west side tobacco shop.

"Frankly it's become a one stop shop for drug activity," said Assistant City Attorney.

 The Assistant City Attorney was talking about 27 Street Tobacco on 27 and Kilbourn.   

It's a place that he claims functions as an "open air drug market” with illegal activity going on that the business owner is either unwilling or unable to stop.

Milwaukee Police Officials agree that the place is a drain on their resources.

"To the officers assigned to the near West side and to specifically the Avenues West and Concordia neighborhoods. This is the first stop every tour of duty  and they'll return to that parking lot throughout their entire shift," said Assistant City Attorney.

The city wants to not only close the tobacco shop, but to take over the property for a possible sale to someone else.  

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