MillerCoors breaks ground on Tenth Street Brewery expansion

NOW: MillerCoors breaks ground on Tenth Street Brewery expansion

On Friday MillerCoors broke ground on the expansion of the Tenth Street Brewery near downtown Milwaukee. The project will add up to 65 new full-time jobs to the facility, while increasing capacity and efficiency.

“MillerCoors and Milwaukee have been intricately connected since 1855. Over the past 162 years, we have been investing in this community and our 10th Street Brewery expansion is the latest indication of how important this City is to our success,” said Kelly Grebe, Chief Legal Officer at MillerCoors. “This expanded facility will result in incremental employment and drastically improve our brewing flexibility.”

The expansion adds an 119,328 square-foot packaging and warehouse building as well as a more than 11,000 square-foot expansion to the existing brewhouse. This gives the facility flexibility to serve as an incubator, brew small-batch beers, and run variety packs. The more than $50 million expansion furthers MillerCoors commitment to investing in the communities it operates in through economic investment, job creation, and sustainable practices. The 10th Street Brewery currently employs 15 people, but the expansion is expected to bring an additional 65 new jobs to the Milwaukee community.

As part of this expansion, the facility’s production capacity will grow from 25,000 barrels of beer to 250,000. The brewery will focus on producing additional Leinenkugel variety packs and other specialty beers.

Companies working on the expansion are Wisconsin-based and nearly all the labor and sourcing materials are also Wisconsin-based. New additions to the brewery will include a 2,280-square-foot brew house expansion at its southern end and a 9,077-square-foot tank cellar at the northern end.

“MillerCoors has been a long-standing partner of the State of Wisconsin and City of Milwaukee, and is a company that we are tremendously proud of,” said Governor Scott Walker. “This expansion is just the latest example of MillerCoors investment in our state as it continues to provide economic empowerment and job opportunities to our residents.”

MillerCoors has been operating in Milwaukee since 1855 and employs around 1,600 people in Wisconsin. This expansion of the 10th Street Brewery ensures Wisconsin beer is made locally, provides jobs, and spurs economic growth in Milwaukee.

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