Menomonee Falls Man Arrested for Marijuana and Pot Brownies

On October 9 a 9:21 AM a 20-year-old Village of Menomonee Falls man was taken into custody for possession with intent to deliver marijuana as a result of a suspicious circumstance complaint the Sheriff’s Office investigated. The Sheriff’s Office received a report of an occupied vehicle at the public boat launch on Bark Lake in the Village of Richfield and the initial report was the driver appeared to be sleeping.

According to the caller this had been an ongoing occurrence over the past several months. When the deputy arrived, the occupant quickly exited the vehicle but not before the deputy noticed the heavy odor of marijuana coming from the car.

A vehicle search located several baggies of marijuana, packing materials, $700 in cash and marijuana laced brownies. 

The subject was taken into the custody of the Washington County Jail. In the press release the Washington County Sheriff's Office said the desserts in jail, "will not be the same as he is apparently used to."

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