Family confirms missing 30-year-old Joseph Dembosky found dead

NOW: Family confirms missing 30-year-old Joseph Dembosky found dead

OAK CREEK (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiners Office was called to the area near a search for 30-year old Joseph Dembosky, who was last seen at a Pilot gas station in Oak Creek on March 19.

Family has confirmed that Dembosky was found dead during the course of the search Saturday morning.

Dembosky's family said they last heard from him on March 19.

Ahead of the search, people like Allan Hart, who used to work with Dembosky, were optimistic.

"I think everybody can't stop thinking about what he's doing and we all want to find him safe," said Hart.

Unfortunately things took a tragic turn for the worse.

Dembosky's family said he was well-loved.

"He has a lot of people that love him and a lot of people that understand him, more than he knows even," said Dembosky's wife's aunt Colleen Baumann.

K9 search and rescue officials anticipated that between the wind, the cold and other weather conditions the search could be a difficult one for the dogs.

"Over the past three or four days, we've had rain. As everybody knows, the water, the rain, has a tendency of washing any kind of evidence away," said southern Waukesha County K9 Search and Rescue Unit Chief Phillip Buchholtz.

Family said they're grateful for all the help looking for him.

"It's a blessing, we're very thankful for all the help," said his wife's grandmother, Linda Kujac.

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