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Medical Examiner rules death of 3-year-old as acute hydrocodone intoxication

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner has ruled the death of 3-year-old De-Anthony Lindsey as an acute hydrocodone intoxication. De-Anthony was pronounced dead on June 4 at 11:03 AM in the 5800 block of North 39th Street.

The reports are under a non-disclosure by MPD due to an ongoing police investigation. De-Anthony was one of six children to die in a five day span from June 2 through June 6. None of the deaths were related and drugs have been ruled out in the other five deaths.

De-Anthony is the third child this year to die of an opioid overdose. He is the eighth child to die of an opioid OD in less than two years in Milwaukee County.

In a tweet, Friday morning the ME said that they are recommending first responders consider giving Narcan to unresponsive children.

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