MCTS Previews Technology Upgrades


Exciting New Technology Onboard!


            Milwaukee, WI ---Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), operated by Milwaukee Transport Services, Inc. (MTS), is taking transit to the next level with NEW improvements. Real Time Information, Bus Stop Annunciators and an Electronic Fare System are some of the enhancements you will soon see at the transit system. These improvements will be available to view on Thursday, December 5, 2013, any time between 9 am and 2 pm. The open house will be at MCTS Fleet Maintenance Building at 1525 W. Vine Street.

            Mike Giugno, Managing Director of MCTS and President of MTS, stated, \"These technological enhancements will provide greater ease for those riding MCTS buses, a catalyst to increasing ridership. MTS has remained focused, working on updating transit's infrastructure and funding to make this a reality for Milwaukee.\"

            Improvements that will be showcased:

1.      REAL TIME INFORMATION - Individuals will be able to know exactly where their bus is at all times. Passengers can track a bus and know when it is predicted to arrive at a bus stop. Clever Devices is translating the raw data into a clean, usable feed that will power Real-Time tracking features through several mediums including website (, mobile devices and phone system. To be completed in early 2014.

2.      Electronic Fare System - Scheidt & Bachmann designed and are implementing the new electronic fare system which will simplify riding the bus. This system will use MCTS MCARDs which are electronic plastic cards - smart cards - that will replace paper passes/tickets and can be used over and over again. You will be able to load the cards with a 1, 7 or 31-day pass, or a specific dollar value for one or multiple rides. There are many benefits to this system including an option to purchase an MCTS MCARD online with a credit card. Fareboxes will be installed by the end of this year and the smart cards will be available in the first few months of 2014.

3.      Automated Bus STOP Annunciator -By the end of the year a stop announcement system will be on every MCTS bus. It will consist of an electronic sign and audio; both will provide clear, easy information about upcoming stops to assist all passengers riding the bus.

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