MCTS driver helps man out of car following rollover crash

NOW: MCTS driver helps man out of car following rollover crash

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Shannon Johnson was driving his normal bus route on Nov 27, when he saw a truck run a red light and launch an SUV into the air at the intersection of Center St. and Fond Du Lac in Milwaukee.

"As it was flipping, I was just in shock to see an SUV sort of flying, so to speak," Johnson said.

As passengers screamed, Johnson remained calm.

"I didn't even realize they were behind me," Johnson said. "I was focused on the car in front of me."

It was early in the morning, so Johnson instinctively ran out of the bus, worried there were kids inside.

"Especially with the smoke and everything," Johsnon said. "If it was my kids, or, it's kids. You've gotta just try to do whatever you can."

Johnson found one man in the vehicle,  tried to bust the moon roof open with a carjack, and eventually pried the door open with the help of others.

"The darker colored SUV was pretty much an innocent victim in this, so we're especially grateful that Shannon was able to spring into action and help that man out," said Matt Sliker with MCTS.

Johnson says he didn't think much of his actions until people started reaching out.

"I've heard a lot of congratulations and good jobs and things like that. I didn't realize it was this big of a deal when it was happening. I guess I didn't realize how big it was until now."

MCTS says nobody was seriously hurt in the incident. Johnson and other good Samaritans were able to get the victim out of the vehicle just before paramedics arrived.

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