Mayor Tom Barrett delivers 2020 budget proposal, includes cuts

NOW: Mayor Tom Barrett delivers 2020 budget proposal, includes cuts

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett delivered his executive budget plan for 2020 to the common council Tuesday morning and it includes cuts. 

Barrett says the budget includes some tough decisions and cuts, but it will be a balanced budget.

As part of the new budget, Barrett says 60 police officer positions will be eliminated through retirement. He says there will not be any layoffs.

Barrett says a way to avoid that and increase revenue for the city is for voters to approve a sales tax for Milwaukee county through a referendum in April.

Barrett says the city will have to raise the tax levy by 3.5% to be able to provide core services like plowing snow and filling potholes.

This means the average residential property owner will pay $59 more in property taxes and fees next year.

The 2020 budget also includes $21 million to continue to reduce lead exposure.

Barrett says $8 million will be allocated for payments to the city’s pension system in anticipation of increases in the future.

“Our employer pension contribution, driven by public safety, is currently expected to rise dramatically," Barrett said. "Our state share revenue payment remains flat. Certainly, not keeping up with inflation and our costs for providing basic and necessary city services climbs every year.”

In order for the sales tax referendum to be put on the ballot in April, it needs to be approved by the state legislature first.

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