Mayor Barrett signs mandatory mask ordinance into effect in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett signed mandatory mask ordinance into effect on Tuesday, July 14. The policy was unanimously approved by the Milwaukee Common Council. 

Mayor Barrett signed the ordinance at Goodkind restaurant located in Bay View. The major focus is on people over the age of 3 to wear masks inside. 

Through the City of Milwaukee Health Department, the city will require all businesses to enforce a mask mandate, and those businesses will be allowed to refuse service to those not wearing them. 

Businesses who don't will face potential fines or a suspended license. 

The rules apply to everyone 3 years and older with a few exceptions -- like for health reasons. 

The mandate also requires masks outside when within 6 feet of others, but it does not appear that will be enforced. 

The ordinance goes into effect on Thursday, July 16. 

For a breakdown of requirements and exceptions, CLICK HERE

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