Mayor Barrett says Milwaukee will 'leave the lights on' for 2024 convention

NOW: Mayor Barrett says Milwaukee will ’leave the lights on’ for 2024 convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're now on day three of the Democratic National Convention.

Kamala Harris will address much of the nation for the first time since being selected as Joe Biden's vice presidential candidate, but she will no longer be speaking from Milwaukee.

Until Wednesday, Aug. 19, Mayor Tom Barrett has said his focus was on 2020.

On Wednesday, he pivoted, to pushing for the city to receive a full fledged convention in 2024, and some party leaders are with him.

"Four years from now, we're certainly going to leave the lights on."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he's welcoming either the Democrats or Republicans to hold their national convention in the city during the next presidential cycle.

"There are a lot of people who questioned whether Milwaukee could hit major league pitching, and when people came here to look at the city, I think we've turned a lot of heads as to what we could offer," Barrett said. "If you ask me, should the Democratic convention be here, absolutely."

DNC CEO Joe Solmonese says the city did pass tests in preparing for the convention before it was derailed by COVID-19, and even though it won't be his decision, he believes Milwaukee should receive future conventions.

"Over the last year there have been hundreds of people who have come through this city to visit, to work on their own convention experience," Solmonese said. "People who lead major organizations."

UWM political science professor Mordecai Lee says he could see a Republican convention in 2024, but the Democrats owe Milwaukee. 

"We put together a bid. We won the bid. Raised an enormous amount of money, and then sort of, forget about it. The fact that the studio is in Milwaukee is irrelevant," he said.

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