Mayor Barrett kicks off Ceasefire Sabbath Week

NOW: Mayor Barrett kicks off Ceasefire Sabbath Week

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett kicked off Ceasefire Sabbath Week Wednesday morning with a breakfast at Christ The King Baptist Church on Milwaukee’s far north side.

It’s the 13th year city leaders, police officers, and religious leaders have come together to discuss spreading a message of non-violence in the community.

The keynote speaker was nationally known Pastor Michael McBride who spoke about the faith community’s role in violence prevention.

Mayor Barrett and police chief Ed Flynn said violence is an issue facing everyone and it needs to be solved together.

Barrett said getting faith leaders involved is important because he believes they can reach people that city leaders and law enforcement cannot.

It’s a practice MPD has been using more and more in recent years, and he says while there is still work to be done, they are seeing results.

“I think it’s been effective, and I think there’s always more work that can be done. This is something that never ends. The relationship between the faith community, the city, the police department, it’s like a marriage. It’s never perfect, it’s never done. You just have to keep working at it. And you have to build a trust, and this is a trust building exercise, Barrett explained

Ceasefire Sabbath week coincides with violence prevention month in Milwaukee.

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