Marquette's Midnight Madness, excites fans, showcases talent

The atmosphere was electric at the Al McGuire Center for Marquette's Midnight Madness. The night is all about the fans and hyping those players up for the new year. It's also a first look at what the Golden Eagles will have to offer this season in a two day basketball festival and the first chance to see new coach Steve Wojo court side

And if the buzzer shot in the first scrimmage game of the year was any indication of what the season may look like. Marquette has it in the bag. Fans expressed their excitement.

\"Everyone's talking around the school about how they think the team is going to be really great this year and the coach is a really great asset to the team, so I'm really excited,\" freshman Maggie Smith said.

\"I'm excited about the young talent that we have on the squad, I heard about the young recruit, Ellenson that we got, and I'm just very excited about the returning talent we've got this year,\" student Mitch Rawson said.

New players like Sandy Cohen and Duane Wilson keeping fans intrigued. Returning player Deonte Burton also expected to have a stellar year But, the real spotlight is on former Duke coach Steve Wojo, and whether he'll be able to send the team to greater heights after the Golden Eagles missed out on the NCAA tournament last season. Fans are confident in his abilities.

\"I absolutely believe that Coach Wojo brings a different environment about himself on the team, and I'm excited to see what he can do on the court with the players that we have,\" Rawson said.

Still, some fans are keeping modest about the new year. Eager to see who rules the court, but only cautiously optimistic.

\"I mean everybody's a fan but you have to be real at the same time, there's room for improvement, there's definitely room for improvement,\" fan Demarcus Groce said.

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