Marquette WBB senior to get kidney donation

NOW: Marquette WBB senior to get kidney donation

A Marquette women's basketball player sidelined with a rare kidney disease and in desperate need of a kidney donor now has a donor and a surgery date. 

Senior Tori McCoy, once a top-ranked recruit out of Champaign, IL, spent most of her junior season at Marquette on dialysis. She couldn't play at all.

She has FSGS (Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis). She had no family history. The only cure is a new kidney.

After seeing a story CBS 58 did on Tori last fall, Justice Moore, a recent college graduate from the Chicago-area and a former basketball player herself, decided she wanted to donate one of her kidney's to Tori. They have never met.

"I'm always trying to give back." Moore told CBS 58 before meeting with doctors at Aurora St. Luke's last week. "Always putting others before me. For me to be able to give, then I can give. So if I'm able to save someone's life or do something for someone in the time being, then I'm going to do that." 

Justice was approved as a donor on Wednesday and a surgery date has been set for August 15th.

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