Man Walking on Roof of School Charged

Daniel Miskelley, the man accused of walking around on the rood of Woodfield Elementary School on Monday, has been charged with three counts of possession of a firearm on grounds of a school and one count of disorderly conduct.

On Monday at 8:56 PM, a janitor at Woodfield heard someone walking around on the roof and banging things. Shortly after, someone noticed Miskelley walking away from a bike rack that was propped up against the building to act as a ladder. Miskelley admitted to this person that he was on the roof and police were called.

When Racine County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, Miskelley told officers he had thrown a ball onto the roof. He says he was climbing onto the roof to retrieve the ball when he became curious about the rooftop and wanted to check it out.

When the deputy asked to search Miskelley he told the officer that he didn’t have any weapons on him but he did have weapons “with him”. The officer asked for clarification and Miskelley told him he had weapons in his vehicle.

Deputies found three separate firearms in the trunk of Miskelley’s car which was parked on school premises.

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