Man Walking on Pond Triggers Emergency Response in Neosho

On Saturday, December 10 at 5:47 PM, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office along with Neosho, Rubicon and Ashippun Police Department were dispatched to the Neosho Pond, located in the unincorporated Village of Neosho, for a report of a subject who may have fallen through the ice. 

Officers arrived on scene locating tracks going out onto the ice and saw a possible hole in the ice. For precaution, the Neosho Fire Department was paged to assist in the search and the fire department found that no person had fallen through the ice. 

The spot where the hole was believed to be and where the subject was seen to have possibly fallen in, turned out to be a clear patch of ice.  

The fire department found that the subject had gotten off the ice safely and the search of the lake showed no other signs that anyone had been out there. 

Fire Department officials along with Officers were able to locate the person who was seen out on the ice later on and that subject was found to be fine.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people that area lakes have just recently started freezing over and most lakes are still unsafe to venture out on.       

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