Man steals City of Milwaukee dump truck, turns himself in

NOW: Man steals City of Milwaukee dump truck, turns himself in

TOWN OF LISBON (CBS 58) – A thief stole a City of Milwaukee truck, but miles away he realized he made a mistake and turned himself in.

The thief took the City of Milwaukee dump truck near 35th Street and Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee Saturday morning. But, around 10 a.m., about 20 miles away in the Town of Lisbon, the man turned himself in. Owner of Performance Off-Road Darin Marquardt was at his business. He said the young man left the truck running outside and walked into his shop, but at the time Marquardt didn’t know the truck was stolen.

“He's was saying he wanted to return the truck and I was like well it's not mine,” Marquardt said. “Once I figured out some more stuff from him, I was like so you stole it? And he said yeah.”

Marquardt helped the man call 911.

“He didn't seem like a threat, he just seemed out of it and looking for help,” Marquardt said

Marquardt believes the young man regretted his actions.

“Just a normal kid, but he realized he screwed up,” Marquardt said. “Was obviously on something and coming off it and realizing once he got his senses back that he had done wrong.”

The man was taken into custody Saturday morning.

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