Major Drug Bust Occurs at Home Where Children Lived

A major bust for the Racine County Metro Drug Unit took place this week, and children were found at the scene of the crime.

Undercover officers bought cocaine and marijuana from a Racine home after getting an anonymous tip.

When there was enough evidence for a search warrant, the sheriffs, swat team, and k-9 unit forcibly entered the home on Monday.

They found over 8 grams of cocaine bagged up and ready for sale and over 700 grams of marijuana.

Officers also seized over two-thousand dollars in cash, and loaded weapons.

Human services was called in to bring three young children to safety.

Quinton Smith and Sheldon Higgenbottom were arrested on 9 different charges including possession and intent to deliver both marijuana and cocaine.

In addition, they were charged with keeping a drug house, and endangering safety because children were living in the home.

The children are now safe, and have been placed in a home in the county.

 Both will be in court on March 1.

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