MACC Fund Open honors art of two-time childhood cancer survivor

NOW: MACC Fund Open honors art of two-time childhood cancer survivor

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Monday, Aug. 8, marked the 46th annual MACC Fund Open at the Tuckaway County Club.

Over 120 golfers came out to the open, raising almost $100,000 for pediatric cancer research.

Someone who benefitted from the research, 19-year-old Noah Kleinke, was honored at the open.

"It was really shocking. I didn't want to believe it at first. I thought it was just kind of a hoax," said Kleinke, who has survived cancer twice.

Even though he is in remission right now, he came out for the open along with former Milwaukee Bucks players, CBS 58's own Mike Curkov, and many others.

Kleinke wasn't just playing golf, he also had the honor of unveiling a special golf head cover with his art on it.

"We talked to Children's [Wisconsin] and they recommended Noah with his artistic ability and Noah designed this," said MACC Fund Director of Development Michael Bielawski. "All the players got one of these there. There's a very limited amount made so it's a very special thing."

Kleinke says he got into art when he was undergoing chemo after getting bored of just watching movies and shows.

"I needed something else. I started drawing, really got into painting and stuff and it's just kind of helped me keep my mind off of getting chemo and being sick," said Kleinke.

The character featured on the cover is Kleinke's own rendition of the villain "Grimmjow" from the anime Bleach.

"I started drawing him during my like second rounds of chemo. And he was just kind of one of my most proud pieces," said Kleinke,

Kleinke says it feels great being able to play golf and share his art with everyone.

"It's awesome to see it on that and to have people come up to me, and they can say how cool it is," said Kleinke.

Thanks to research funded in part by the events like the open.

"We certainly will not rest until a cure is found," said Bielawski

Bielawski says the open has raised over $3 million since it started.

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