Lyft driver dragged during Milwaukee carjacking

NOW: Lyft driver dragged during Milwaukee carjacking

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - A Lyft driver was dragged down the street during a carjacking in Milwaukee over the weekend.

It happened during a busy night on Brady street.

Margaret Nedow had just stepped out of her car for a moment to get the attention of passengers who ordered her Lyft, when someone jumped in and drove off.

“I’m kind of disappointed and devastated about it,” said Nedow.

It started just like many other Lyft rides Nedow has been a part of.

“My rider could not find me for the life of me, so I decided to get out of the car and wave my hands in the air, and in that small amount of time the guy jumped into my driver side,” she said.

She was just a few feet from her car when the man jumped inside, and Nedow jumped into action by grabbing the handle on the door.

“Kind of started running with the vehicle a little bit, eventually started to get the door open a little bit in our tug of war and he hit the gas, so I kinda flew and I have some road rash and I hit my head a little bit,” said Nedow.

But her battle wasn’t over, there was another suspect in a car nearby.

“I ran over to that vehicle and they decided to jump on the sidewalk and drive about a half a block on the sidewalk,” she said.

Alone and outnumbered two to one, Nedow says she didn’t hesitate to try and save her car. “It was a gut reaction,” said Nedow. “I play rugby on the side, so I just kinda wanted to get the guy.”

She says she had seen the men just moments before. “I did see them heading to their car and I didn’t think anything of it, 'cause I actually backed up so they could get out, I was trying to be nice,” she said.

Nedow said it happened so fast she didn’t get a good look at the men.

And although she lost her car, she is thankful.

“It could’ve ended way worse and different than it did, I’m just happy I’m standing here,” she said.

She is still holding out hope she can get it back.

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