LULAC kicks off national convention in Milwaukee

NOW: LULAC kicks off national convention in Milwaukee

The 2019 LULAC convention officially started Wednesday in Milwaukee with a  press conference. 

20,000 people are expected to come from all over the country. Including areas far from Milwaukee like California, New Mexico and Puerto Rico.

“We’re sending two buses from San Antonio, Texas,” Anastacio Lopez said.

20,000 people will come to the city for the convention by the time the week is over.

It’s great that we all get to celebrate our Latino heritage,” New Mexico's Jonah Sanchez said.

LULAC President Domingo Garcia says their goal is to mobilize the 60 million Latinos in the country.

“To get them out," Garcia said. "Register to vote. Make sure they become U.S. citizens, those who are permanent residents. And then make sure we make a difference in the national dialogue.”

Garcia has a message for President Donald Trump, who will be in Milwaukee Friday.

“It’s important that we have a bipartisan solution for example, with the refugees down on the border," Trump said. "Making sure we treat those immigrants with respect and human dignity.”

Community leaders from other states are trying to learn from Milwaukee.

“What does the city of Milwaukee programs have to offer that I could possibly pick up, and generate ideas in Austin, Texas,” Lopez said.

Most events, including the presidential town hall, get started Thursday.

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