Local Suspect Inhales Cocaine in Front of Officers During Traffic Stop

On a Black Friday a local man high on cocaine shot out of a Farm and Fleet parking lot causing an accident and then went onto inhale cocaine in front of an officer.

A Franksville man tried to inhale a line of white powder after an accident and while an officer had a taser pointed at him.

Sturtevant Police Department said the incident happened on Black Friday at 4:22 PM at the Mobile Gas Station at 8920 Durand Avenue.

Police were called because of a hit and run type of accident.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspect had shot out of the Farm and Fleet parking lot causing another vehicle to swerve in his lane.

The other driver was upset because his 10-year-old daughter was in the vehicle.

The driver followed the suspect’s vehicle to the Mobile parking lot and stopped at the pumps behind it.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspect left the parking lot. While police were speaking to the driver the suspect pulled back into the parking lot.

Police noticed the suspect’s eyes were dilated and he was tense and sweating.

One officer stayed with the suspect and the other spoke to the driver, but then the officer with suspect called for assistance. The officer was pointing a taser at the suspect telling him to drop something.

It was then noticeable to the other officer that the suspect had a white powder on his lap and tried to use a white plastic ben to inhale.

This was the suspect’s third OWI.

The suspect asked why he was being arrested because there are no rules for driving around with cocaine. 

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