Local Red Cross Heads to Hurricane Zone

Help for Hurricane victims are pouring in from across the country including Wisconsin. 

Volunteers and staff members with the American Red Cross are on their way to the Hurricane Zone. 

Just a few hours ago two volunteers with the Red Cross Chapter here in Milwaukee packed up their emergency response vehicle or ERV for short.

They rolled out of here and are on their way to Orlando.

They will join about 30 other volunteers from Wisconsin that are deployed to those Southern states.

One of the men on his way down to Orlando now is Tommy Poe.

He is from Burlington.

Poe has been with the Red Cross on more than 20 different deployments to disaster areas.

We caught up with him this morning as he was packing up his emergency response vehicle.

Those vehicles store supplies for handing out healthy meals.

Poe tells us he keeps doing this to reach out to others.

The Red Cross sends volunteers out in waves. So after the storm hits, another group will move in to help with recovery efforts then another group will come in to help with families needing help with case work.

If you want to help, the Red Cross is asking for donations or more volunteers. 

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