Local reaction to Sheriff Clarke saying he's leaving Milwaukee for a job with the Department of Homeland Security

NOW: Local reaction to Sheriff Clarke saying he’s leaving Milwaukee for a job with the Department of Homeland Security

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced that he's on his way to Washington DC.

Clarke announced that President Donald Trump appointed him as Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security is staying tight-lipped, neither confirming or denying that they've appointed Clarke to this senior position. But, that's not stopping leaders here in Wisconsin from talking about it.

Controversial Sheriff David Clarke says he's leaving Milwaukee and heading to Washington.

"Yippee, giddy up, and leave was my response," said Wisconsin Senator Lena Taylor.

"Given the news coming out of Washington the last few days and given President Trump's behavior the last few days, I am not in the least bit surprised that he made this pick," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Clarke's announcement, the same time as the Justice Department prepares to probe whether President Trump leaked sensitive info to Russia. An issue that Sheriff Clarke says he's not worried about.

"Anyone that would appoint Sheriff Clarke after his track record in Milwaukee County is challenging to me," said Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor.

"Before he does skip off to DC, we would like him to answer some questions and handle his responsibility to the people of Milwaukee County," said County Supervisor Supreme Moore.

Responsibilities like the county jail where lawsuits allege mistreatment.

"I look to the future, I am looking forward to having a sheriff that will work with our police department, work with our community because that's what's important to me," said Mayor Barrett. 

"It will be a whole but the first thing we need before we can do anything is a letter of resignation," Governor Walker said.

Clarke's Political Advisor says he'll be Secretary of Partnership and Engagement. That makes him a liaison between DHS and the countries local law enforcement and that he would start in less than a month.

If that does happen, Governor Walker can appoint whoever he wants to take Clarke's place.

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