Local Puerto Ricans worry about family as Maria approaches the island

NOW: Local Puerto Ricans worry about family as Maria approaches the island

Hurricane Maria is on course for the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rice.

The news has many people in Milwaukee on edge. Puerto Rico is still reeling with the damage done by Hurricane Irma, and locals with family on the island say that's the most stressful part -- everyone just went through the worry, headaches and preparation involved with a hurricane.

Again, they find themselves praying loved ones will make it through the hurricane safe. Behind the glass of busy barbershop "Barbers Company" in Milwaukee, Adriel Velazquez is thinking about more than a haircut.

Much of the barber's family is in Puerto Rico -- directly in the path of Hurricane Maria.  

"The ones with cement houses are going to cement houses. Grandma going to my mother's house because it's cement and my grandmother's is wooden," said Velazquez.

The stress hasn't had much time to fade. Velazquez has been making frantic phone calls to the island since the threat of Hurricane Irma. 

"That's what's killing us the most. We got away with one and it didn't hit us, but now. We didn't expect this," said Velazquez.

Almost all the barbers at the shop have close family in Puerto Rico, and the worry is visible. Velazquez says concentrating on their jobs helps keeps them calm while they wait for their families to wait out the storm.

"We're praying a lot."

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