Local pest control company disinfects businesses during pandemic

NOW: Local pest control company disinfects businesses during pandemic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It’s a full process, plastic body suits, gloves and a mask. Jeffery Hardy owns Pest to Rest Pest Control, so he is the guy you call to kill off those little critters. However, since the pandemic hit, it's a different story.

Sunday Afternoon, September 27, he and his team suited up to disinfect Serenity Funeral Home.

“Disinfecting is the key to getting rid of this COVID out of places," Hardy said.

He sanitizes businesses on a daily basis, especially churches and funeral homes. 

"Churches, funeral homes, they should do it a little bit more than the average restaurant or bar just because the pure nature of how many people they see and serve everyday," Hardy said.

“Sometimes we have several funerals a day so if we have two funerals, we have to get one family out, disinfect the chapel and prepare for another service," Cedric Guy said. He is the owner of the funeral home.

Hardy gets the job done by spraying down everything in sight. 

“That’s door knobs, handles, chairs," he says. “I use a backpack sprayer because I do more larger surfaces.”

During the disinfecting process, CBS 58 had to step out of the building because Hardy also uses a special chemical to sanitize. You must have on a certain mask to protect you if you're using it.

“Disinfecting is killing the virus 100% " Hardy said.

Hardy wants life to go back to normal, but until then he says he’s doing everything he can so people can feel safe while attending a church service or seeing their loved one for the very last time.

“I am just looking to help people do it the right way."

Hardy says every business or workplace should be sanitized daily because you never know if it was exposed to COVID-19.

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