Local Parade and Fireworks Celebrations

Want to watch an Independence Day parade or see some fireworks? Here is a list of local communities and their celebrations. Please note that many communities hold other events throughout the day besides parades and fireworks. Please check with the local community for specific parade routes. Also, most firework times are approximate and happen at dusk which is expected to occur between 9:15 and 9:30 PM.

Parade 10 AM
Fireworks 9:15 PM (Mitchell Park)

Brown Deer
Parade 1:30 PM (Brown Deer Elementary)
Fireworks 9:30 PM

Parade 2 PM (St. Agnes)
Fireworks 9:20 PM (Frontier Park)

Parade 12 PM (Grange & Lake)
Fireworks 9:20 PM (Sheridan Park)

Parade 10 AM (July 4th, Nagawicka Lake)
Fireworks 9:15 PM (July 3rd)

Elm Grove
Fireworks 9:30 PM (Village Park)

Fond du Lac
Fireworks 9:45 PM (Lakeside Park)

Parade 10:30 AM (Kletzsch Park)
Fireworks 9:30 PM

Parade 10 AM
Fireworks 9:15 PM

Hales Corners
Parade 4 PM
Fireworks 9:30 PM (Hales Corners Park)

Fireworks 9 PM (Harbor Park)

Lake Geneva
Fireworks 9:20 PM (July 3rd)

US Bank Fireworks at the Lakefront 9:30 PM (July 3rd)
Alcott Park (Ground Fireworks) 9:15 PM
Enderis Playfield Fireworks 9:15 PM
Gordon Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Humboldt Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Jackson Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park (No Fireworks)
Lake Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Lincoln Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Mitchell Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Noyes Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Sherman Park (No Fireworks)
Washington Park Fireworks 9:15 PM
Wilson Park Fireworks 9:15 PM

New Berlin
Parade 1 PM
Fireworks 10 PM (Malone Park)

Oak Creek
Parade 9 AM (Groveland Dr.)
Fireworks 9:15 PM (East Middle School)

Fireworks 9:20 PM (Fowler Lake, July 3rd)

Parade 4 PM

Fireworks 9:20 PM (North Beach)

Fireworks 9:30 PM (Riverfront Park)

Parade 3 PM (Spector Field)
Fireworks 9:30 PM (Atwater Park)

South Milwaukee
Parade 10 AM (Grant Park, Brown Pavilion)
Fireworks 9:30 PM (Grant Park)

St. Francis
Parade 10 AM
Fireworks 9:15 PM (Milt Vretenar Memorial Park)

Fireworks 9:20 PM (Sussex Village Park)

Parade 11 AM (Cutler Park)
Fireworks 9:30 PM (Waukesha County Expo Center)

Parade 9 AM
Fireworks 9:15 PM (Hart Park)

West Allis
Fireworks 9:30 PM (Wisconsin State Fair Park)

Parade 10 AM
Fireworks 10 PM

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