Local newlywed battling rare disease seeks holiday cheer

NOW: Local newlywed battling rare disease seeks holiday cheer

GREENFIELD (CBS 58) – It’s been more than four months since Adam Spoerri was hospitalized for what the CDC later confirmed as a case of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM).

It’s a rare condition that affects his nervous system causing his muscles to become weak. It presents itself as a common cold and while most people get better, Adam did not. His wife Bridget has been there by his side entire time.

"We only got to spend two weeks of our marriage together before we were hospitalized,” Bridget said.

In the beginning, it paralyzed him from the waist up and he could only move his hands. Thankfully, he’s making progress.

“He is able to move his trunk his right arm moves, his right shoulder moves a little bit, his left arm is pulling really good and he has a lot of head control now,” Bridget said.

While in the hospital, they’ve missed birthdays, holidays and events. Earlier this month, Bridget made a Facebook post asking anyone to send him a holiday card.

Since she made the post on December 1st, he’s received more than 25 cards from people from his past, co-workers and friends; she is hoping to keep it going.

“When you are sending cards to your family and friends and you have an extra stamp just pop it on a post card or a holiday card or birthday card to Adam at Post Acute,” Bridget said.

It’s a small gesture like a card that keeps the Spoerri’s going.

“A little extra cheer would be appreciated,” Bridget said.

If you’d like to send Adam a holiday card, you can send it here:

Adam Spoerri

PAM Specialty Hospital of Milwaukee

5017 S. 110th Street

Greenfield, WI 53228

Click here for a link to Adam's GoFundMe page.

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