Local leaders kick off "Safe Summer Season" in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Summer season is just around the corner in Milwaukee and local officials are prioritizing safety, especially on and in the water over the hot and humid months ahead.

Local leaders kicked off a "Safe Summer Season" at Bradford Beach this afternoon, May 21.

During the press conference, leaders addressed issues such as the lifeguard shortage on the beaches and its impact on pool openings.

The Executive Director of Milwaukee County Parks, Guy Smith, says with a lack of lifeguards, visitors need to be cautious before entering the water.

"It's important to watch for beach safety warnings which use a simple traffic light system," Smith said. "So for example, red flags mean stop, it's not safe to go in the water, yellow means caution, swim at your own risk and green means go."

Smith says the shortage stems from not having enough people with open water experience to be in Lake Michigan, which is different from being in a pool.

At least four pools will be open in Milwaukee County.

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