License fees for bars and restaurants in West Allis reduced

NOW: License fees for bars and restaurants in West Allis reduced

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The West Allis Common Council is taking action to help bars and restaurants that are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The council approved an amendment that reduces the annual class a and class b licensing fees that are due July 31. 

The fee is to operate a bar or restaurant in West Allis. 

Originally, the License and Health Committee proposed a 25-percent reduction, but the council changed it to 50 percent after suggestion from some aldermen. 

The vote was nine yes and one abstention. 

District 2 Alderman Marty Weigel abstained because he owned a bar and thought it would be a conflict of interest. 

District 1 Alderman Angelito Tenorio voted yes, but said he wishes the fee would be waived completely this year. 

West Allis Mayor Dan Devine said, the city wanted to do this to help struggling businesses out but said they didn't want to waive it completely because the city needs revenue as well at this time. 

"It’s a really challenging situation that every community is in right now is our businesses are hurting but the revenue coming into the city is also hurting and for us it’s everything from fees for the dog park, room tax from hotel stays. A lot of those things are down with their being less taking place,” Mayor Devine said. 

"For me, with our bars and restaurants there are most impacted industries in the United States and especially here in West Allis and I don’t know how our bars and restaurants will be able to survive this pandemic. So, I believe in doing everything we can to protect our bars and restaurants,” Alderman Tenorio said. 

This new amendment is temporary and will only be in effect for this year's fee.

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