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"Leave the fireworks to the professionals: 'Safe Kids' offers tips to keep kids safe during 4th of July celebrations

SOUTHEAST WIS. (CBS 58) -- Fireworks are a big part of celebrating the 4th of July but they can also be dangerous.

"We want families to leave fireworks to the professionals." The organization 'Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin' says 3,000 kids go to the emergency room every year for burns or eye injuries from fireworks.

Some fireworks that you may think are safe, like sparklers, burn at a temperature that's hot enough to melt glass.

"That's also hot enough to cause injuries or start a fire and when the stick burns out, people think it's safe but it stays hot for a very long time after so kids can burn themselves grabbing for a burnt out stick," said Lisa Klindt Simpson, Coordinator with Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin.

Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin recommends going to a professional fireworks display like the July 3rd fireworks in Milwaukee.

They also suggest giving kids glowsticks instead of fireworks to play with. 

For a full list of fireworks safety tips, click here.

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