LEAN Organization Series

LEAN principles aren't new. For over 29 years, LEAN has been changing business and industry to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. It enables organizations to become customer focused, value-based and resource efficient. Applying LEAN principles for the purpose of streamlining processes leads to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Office and administrative professionals from all industry sectors, including education, government, healthcare, business, financial and service organizations.

LEAN Organization Series Training Schedule:
Four day series offered by the University of Wisconsin-Stout; attend any single day or the full series.
JUNE 4 & 5 and JULY 9 & 10 – UW-Stout campus
Session 1: LEAN Basics
Session 2: Value Stream/Process Mapping – the Most Critical LEAN Tool
Session 3: Dealing with Challenging Teams and Change Readiness
Session 4: LEAN Processes Need a LEAN Management System

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