Lake Express Ferry Opens Season Friday, April 28th

A maritime tradition on Lake Michigan returns Friday.

It's the opening day for the Lake Express Ferry.

The 2/1/2 hour journey takes travelers from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan.

While there is always an air of excitement and fun once the season begins, Senior Captain John Rogers says there's the serious business of keeping an eye the lake which will become highly traveled as the weeks go on.

  Captain Rogers showed CBS 58 News the radars and electronic charts systems they use to monitor their route.

\"The commercial traffic is pretty easy because they're big ships,\" explained Captain Rogers, \"but there's also a lot of private boats that are out, using the lake on both sides. So, we're always on a vigilant watch for those.\"

The Lake Express Ferry sets off twice a day to Michigan until mid June.

Then, it does 3 round trips a day through Labor Day.

Round trip tickets for adults start at $150.

$58 for kids.

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