"Kind of Scary. I'm a Sitting Duck Here:" 911 Calls Released From Highway 41 Chain-Reaction Crash

Desperate calls to stop the madness on a local highway.

Emergency calls flooded dispatch during Monday's snow storm, the scene was Highway 41 near Slinger.

Callers were unable to avoid getting caught up in the chain reaction crash that involved dozens of vehicles including massive semis. 

Caller: "Can you do something so they stop rear-ending everyone?
Dispatch: "We're trying to get squads out there now."
Caller: "There's a giant pile up. They're flying up. Nobody knows it's here."
Caller: "There's a bunch of trucks and trailers. I put on my brakes and I slid right on down in."

Amazingly, there were no serious injuries in the chain reaction crash. The last of the wreckage, four semis pushed off into the ditch, were only taken away last night.

Caller: "Kind of scary. I'm a sitting duck here."
Dispatch: "Yup. I understand. We're trying to get squads out there."
Caller: "I'm okay. But I'm afraid. There's a car in front of me. Trapped. It's between me and the truck that's ahead of me."
Caller: "There's an airbag off in the one up here. This car just smacked into it for a fourth time."

The crash raises the important question of what to do when you find yourself in this situation. Most experts agree that getting out of your car is more dangerous since you would have absolutely no protection from any vehicle or debris that might head your way.

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