Kids help decorate Christmas trees in Milwaukee County Zoo's 'Fantastic Forest'

NOW: Kids help decorate Christmas trees in Milwaukee County Zoo’s ’Fantastic Forest’


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Hundreds of kids combined their love of Christmas and animals to decorate some trees for the holiday. 

It's part of the Milwaukee County Zoo's annual Fantastic Forest. 

Kids were challenged to make ornaments based on animal adaptations. 

Some trees feature animals with hooves, another tree highlights animals with flippers, and so on. 

In total, there are around 50 trees. 

Organizers say the event encourages a child's creativity and love of animals.

"We've been doing this for several years," said Katie Krecklow of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. "It's just a great community event. It gets kids involved, it gets them excited to create something. I think what's really great is kids will come bring their parents later on in December and show them, 'hey that's my tree and that's my ornament.'"

Starting Wednesday, Dec. 1, people can take a stroll through the forest and see their hard work. 

They'll be on display at the Milwaukee County Zoo through Dec. 31.

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