Kenosha youth football team to scrimmage at Packers pre-season game halftime

NOW: Kenosha youth football team to scrimmage at Packers pre-season game halftime

Packers pre-season games are just around the corner and a group of kids in Kenosha might be even more excited than the most rabid NFL fans.

That's because during half-time of the August 10 Green Bay Packers game against the Philadelphia Eagles, they'll be allowed to scrimmage on Lambeau Field (and maybe even getting the chance to do a Lambeau Leap).

88 Players from the Kenosha Ramblers Football team will head up to the game to play against each other. The group will divide into four different teams and play separate games on the North and South ends of the field.

The coaching staff only recently got the news it would be happening. At Monday's practice they ran through drills - while also putting on pads for the first time this season.

Coaching staff says that everyone has been paying even closer attention to their advice since they reveal on Facebook Live that they would be competing at Lambeau Field.

"I was on vacation in Disneyworld when I got it and I was sitting on one of their transportation buses and my smile went even bigger than it normally would be on vacation," Brian Devito, vice president of Kenosha Ramblers Football, said.

The scrimmage is expected to be low pressure, with each endzone getting maybe 10-15 plays. Coaches say that penalty calling will also be very relaxed.

But try to explain that to the kids who say they're practicing to perform in front of crowds thousands of times larger than what they're used to at high school fields.

"I'll try not to look at the crowd. Just stay focused at the game," Anthony Aker, a player, said.

"We're going to keep practicing, work hard, and when we get there we're going to try to win this scrimmage," another player, Preston Jordan, said.

Some kids event have personal goals...

"I will try a lot hard to try to score a touchdown," Zane Zugehoer said.

"I think if someone could throw me, yeah," he said about making a Lambeau Leap.

The Green Bay Packers face the Philadelphia Eagle August 10. Kick-off is slated for 7 p.m.

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