Kenosha PD warn of women followed by unknown men

Kenosha Police continue to receive and investigate incidents where women have been followed and/or approached by unknown men in various cars at different locations around the city.

In some instances, there were odd or aggressive comments made, but in most cases, there were no physical actions taken by the men.

Police urge the public to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and avoid isolated locations if possible. Another method to increase your safety, if approached, is to enter a business or approach other pedestrians as there is safety in numbers. It is wise to carry a cell phone if you have one, and to use it if you can. Even the appearance of making a call can deter some of these incidents.

Police want to stress the importance of calling 911 at the time of the incident. Too often incidents have gone unreported to police but instead have been posted via social media or news outlets. Timely reporting to the police dramatically increases the success of the investigation and chances of apprehension of those involved and increases safety for all.

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