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Kenosha County collecting homemade masks for COVID-19 patients, patient's family members

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Kenosha County is now working to get all of their COVID-19 patients and their families a homemade mask.

As of Tuesday afternoon, April 21, there are 259 cases of coronavirus in Kenosha.

"We like to give them the cloth masks just so they can keep those around them from potentially getting COVID-19," Evan Gorr, Kenosha County Division of Health Registered Nurse, said. “It provides them a barrier over their mouth if they’re coughing or sneezing.”

Gorr said anyone can donate a mask as long as it meets the CDC homemade mask guidelines.

“It’s amazing to see the outpouring of support from community members,” Gorr said.

The Division of Health is also asking for donations of cloth gowns and masks for health care workers.

They are also accepting N-95 masks and disposal mask donations.

There is a drop box outside of the Kenosha County Jobs Center, located at 8600 Sheridan Road. 

If you want to donate you can also e-mail covid19@kenoshacounty.org for more information or to set up a drop-off plan.

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Homer 23 days ago
Buy locally made cotton face masks. Support local sewers, tailor shops, alterations shops, seamstresses, quilters, etc...

Why are gas stations selling gas, instead of giving it away? First responders, COVID Victims, and their families need gas for their vehicles.

Why are grocery stores still selling food, when first responders, COVID Victims, and their families need to eat.

A properly sewn cotton mask with elastic, will last hundreds of washings, and are more cost effective than paper masks. Cotton masks without elastic, made with ties, are not much better than one time use masks. The ties get knots that can't be easily untied.

Or, you could use the Milwaukee Bucks offering of paper towels and rubber bands... or, you can BUY (not donated) the Milwaukee Bucks Chinese made masks that can't be washed in hot water.

There are small businesses on a Milwaukee's north side, Black owned businesses, that need/want the work.

Why SHAME these small businesses trying to survive by selling masks?
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