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Kelly Dwyer's parents search for daughter nearly two months after disappearance

MILWAUKEE -- Kelly Dwyer has been missing since October 12.  The 27-year-old was last seen on Milwaukee's East Side.  The bitterly cold temperatures didn't stop Dwyer's parents from making the trip up from Chicago to continue to search for their missing daughter.  They scoured the areas near McKinley Marina which is very close to where Kelly was last seen.

\"It's terrible. It's horrible,\" Maureen Dwyer said.  \"This past week has been just the hardest week of really all these weeks.\"

Maureen Dwyer keeps looking for answers nearly two months after her daughter went missing.

\"We don't know where to go. There's no rule book that says 'okay this is what you do now.'\"

The Dwyer's say they aren't getting much help from police either.  MPD searched a Menomonee Falls landfill but didn't find anything to move the case forward.

\"We can only go based on what the police are telling us and they're really not telling us very much of anything. We're hugely frustrated, sad and crazed.\"

Crazed about the whole process.  Dwyer's father can't believe the courts allowed Kris Zocco access to  his work computer during a proceeding this week.

Zocco was labeled a person of interest by the prosecution, but has not been charged in connection to Dwyer's disappearance.

\"That to me, is unconscionable, I'm shocked that the court let that happen,\" Tony Dwyer said.

Richard Capellan took it upon himself to search areas recently.  He's a former marine and worked in law enforcement.

\"It's concerning to me that a person just vanishes into thin air,\" Capellan said.

He says focusing on areas around where she was last seen helps.

\"These are areas where if a person gets dragged down here, they can be taken and anything can really happen, especially along the river there.\"

Meanwhile Maureen Dwyer says support from family and friends has been important.  They're also looking at other ways to keep the investigation fresh.

\"We're exploring options. Maybe hiring a private detective. We don't know.\"

The family continues to hope they can find any shred of evidence to help bring Kelly home.

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