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Kaul, Walker weigh in on solutions for school shootings

NOW: Kaul, Walker weigh in on solutions for school shootings


Milwaukee (CBS 58) – Current and former state leaders say a greater emphasis on mental health may help address and prevent events like the shootings that occurred in high schools in Waukesha and Oshkosh.

Former Governor Scott Walker spoke at a panel discussion at the Milwaukee Press Club. CBS 58 participated in the panel of journalists.

During his final year in office, Walker signed a bill into law to make available $100 million for schools to improve safety. $1.2 million went to the Waukesha school district. The former governor said those funds are important, but noted that more needs to be done in the area of mental health.

“How [do we] put, not only more resources into our schools, put more resources into our communities to help people not just with diagnosed mental illness but with depression, anxiety, a lot of issues that seem to be flaring up at higher rates that we’ve seen in the past,” Walker said.

Attorney General Josh Kaul agrees.

“I’d like to see an increase in support programs to help provide services for kids who may need mental health services,” Kaul said to reporters at a news conference in West Allis. “I’d like to see our Office of School Safety continue and I hope to see it get expanded support from our state legislature.”

Kaul has also been a vocal supporter of red flag laws and universal background checks. Both ideas were put before the Legislature in a Special Session called by Governor Tony Evers last month, but neither proposal was debated or voted on because of republican opposition.

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GeneRalno 128 days ago
The U.S is doing quite well in protecting schools. In fact several experts who compile detailed records on them, e.g., James Alan Fox, John Lott, et al., have stated that school shootings have been declining since 1990. Since 1999, the statistical probability of a student being killed in school, on any given day by a gun has been one in 614 million. Your odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 300 million. The chances of your child being kidnapped are about one in 300,000.

Big media create an illusion that they're growing by making them into lead stories nationwide every time one occurs. We're supposed to be smart enough to look at the numbers. Most of these schools ignore small warnings and continue to ignore the lessons of prior school shootings, e.g., Columbine.

Fact is gun control is working precisely as planned. Public school intimidation of good people who normally would protect themselves has prevented them from carrying firearms. The result is adult on-site reprisal never changes -- NOBODY RETURNED FIRE!!

And government reaction never changes -- GRAB THE GUNS, GRAB THE GUNS!! We all should ask, WHAT GUNS?!! Nobody in the school had any. I'd also ask whom they hope to disarm. These victims already were rendered defenseless by their own misanthropic government. It's ridiculous.

Perish the notion that an entire society of good and polite people, armed to the teeth, might intimidate the very few who use firearms for unwarranted violence. Democrat controlled states gradually are inching back toward oppression of those who never commit crimes.
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