Johnny T-Bird's mom talks about her son's success at Summerfest

NOW: Johnny T-Bird’s mom talks about her son’s success at Summerfest

“How many moms can say your son plays here and it’s like I can so it is cool,” said Mary Neuberger the mother of Jon Neuberger also known as Johnny T-Bird who is playing at Summerfest.

For the third year Jonny T-Bird and the MPs took the stage Wednesday.

His proud mom was in the stands on opening day cheering him on, “Until he gets a phone call every year saying you’re in, he gets nervous about being able to play so this is like his ultimate high. I’m so grateful the people here at Summerfest pick some local bands and they happen to pick him for the third year.

Johnny’s mom is a big music fan herself. She tells us in the 50 years Summerfest has been around she’s only missed the festival two times. She tells CBS 58 she's so proud to see her son playing at the world's largest music festival.

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