Jobs at Kenosha Casino?

Kenosha - The Menomonee tribe launched a website for people who may be interested in a job at the casino in Kenosha. Although, there isn't a casino in Kenosha since the Governor hasn't approved the project yet. No word on if or when Governor Scott Walker will approve the project. A spokesperson for the Menomonee Tribe told CBS 58 they are confident the project will be approved.

\"We're pleased with the progress that's being made right now by the Governor and Secretary Hicks and we're in the business of opening a casino. This is a business decision. We don't want to be caught unaware. We want to prepare for the eventuality of the Governor approving the casino.\" Said, Michael Beightol.

Opponents with the Potawatomi tribe told CBS 58 a new casino will cost the Potawatomi Casino millions of dollars in revenue, and could potentially break a compact they have with the state. A spokesperson with the tribe issued a statement.

\"This is a fancy PR tactic to hide that hundreds of millions of dollars will be sent to Florida at the expense of Wisconsin residents.\" Said, George Ermert.


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