Jelly Belly warehouse on the market

Many are making their way to Pleasant Prairie for some jelly beans after hearing that the Jelly Belly warehouse is up for sale and could soon be leaving Wisconsin.

The white paper hats, the dancing beans, but more importantly the rows and rows of sugar goodness could be boxed up for good.

“Oh, come on! No!” said Elizabeth Lowler.

That's the reaction many have after hearing news that the Jelly Belly warehouse is on the market.

\"It's kind of a sad thing because me and the kids like to come here a lot,\" said William Hendrickson.

It's especially sad for Sherry Bielski.

“I don't know if I'm going to be the jelly bean nana anymore,” said Bielski.

She said her grandchildren always look forward to her candy bags. Since being Jelly Bean Nana is a title she doesn't want to lose, she made the trip from Greenfield.

\"I stocked up on everything. I bought a case of jelly flops. They're going to last for a long time, hopefully until I can find another Jelly Belly store,” said Bielski.

Elizabeth Lowler came from Waukegan, but brought family from Poland.

\"We like this, no jelly beans in Poland,\" said Lowler.

There may not be jelly beans in Poland, but for now there are some in Pleasant Prairie, which has many taking a little road trip.

“I came to stock up for one and this may be the last time I come up here, because I don't know for sure when they are closing,\" said Hendrickson.

A spokesperson for Jelly Belly told us in an email, they don't have a timeline on when everything is suppose to happen. The tours will continue and they have a busy summer filled with activities

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