Jay Anderson's Family Meets with District Attorney

Members of Jay Anderson's family met with the District Attorney Monday at noon. Anderson was shot and killed by a Wauwatosa police officer in Madison Park earlier this year.

The family did not speak after the meeting but CBS 58 was told they are reviewing dashcam footage of Jay Anderson Jr's shooting.

The family has been calling for that video to be released for months now and they've also been calling for charges for the police officer involved.

According to an injury filing, Jay Anderson Jr was shot and killed June 23 at Madison Park. Family says he was sleeping in his car when an officer approached, leading to the deadly situation.

According to the filing, the officer claims Anderson lunged for a handgun when he was told to put his arms up.

The attorney for Jay Anderson Jr's family says from what he saw in the video that is not the case.

The video has not been made public and the Wauwatosa Police Department is withholding related records until the District Attorney releases a final report.

Members of the family are expected to hold a press conference at 4:00 PM on Monday.

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