James Foley Rosary for Peace Event Held at Marquette

Special prayers were held at Marquette University on Sunday in memory of journalist James Foley. Attendees prayed the rosary at the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on this weekend that would have marked the 42nd birthday of Foley.

The Marquette alumnus was captured, imprisoned and eventually killed by ISIS militants in 2014.

The rosary, with its repetition of prayers, is a significant choice, because Foley spent some of his time in captivity praying the rosary.

"When you think about the rosary, it's something that ties us very close to God and can help us get through some very difficult times and particularly when you're praying to Mother Mary it does bring us closer to God himself and so, when you're dealing with loss it can sometimes help us make sense of some difficult things we could be going through," said Marquette University President, Michael Lovell.

Marquette was one of several universities all over the country participating in the "James Foley rosary for peace". 

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