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Jackson couple delivered their baby in their toilet

CarolAnn Bauerle and her husband Devin can't believe their 7-pound baby was born in their toilet. The couple didn't even know they were expecting a baby.

Devin called the Jackson Police Department for help. In the heart wrenching 911 call, the dispatch officer asks multiple times if the baby was breathing and if they could get the baby out of the toilet.

\"I don't think there are words to explain what was going through my mind,” said CarolAnn. “I didn't really believe it actually did happen.\"

Towards the end of the six minute conversation, Devin is able to grab the baby out of the toilet and the baby is heard crying.

CarolAnn and baby Jordan Faith are recuperating at St. Joseph's Hospital in West Bend. CarolAnn said she didn't notice any signs of being pregnant.

\"I gained 10 pounds, that was it,” she said. “I didn't have any mood swings, I didn't have morning sickness, I didn't have weird appetites, and I didn't crave anything.\"

She said she had been in the bathroom for five hours with pain and on Tuesday (April 21) at 7:30 p.m. she delivered her baby girl.

Kimberly Kohler is Devin's mother. She said her daughter-in-law had been seeing doctors and specialists since early September.

She said she was placed on medications and heart monitors for what they thought was a heart problem. In an email she stated, “Not once did these specialists or doctors hear a second heart beat or give her a pregnancy test.”

CarolAnn said she took a pregnancy test in January. However, she said, it came back negative. Doctors are telling her that when a pregnancy test is taken too early or too late, it's possible the pregnancy doesn't show up, she said. 

Officer Jennifer Gerke and Officer Henning responded to the couple's home. Officer Henning secured the umbilical cord while officer Gerke wrapped the baby.

\"That's why it was getting this baby and make sure she's warm, healthy and breathing,” Gerke said. “I think my motherly instincts kicked in there too.\"

The couple named their baby Jordan Faith in honor of Officer Gerke, whose middle name is Faith.

\"It's one of those incidents that you're never going to forget any time soon,\" Gerke said.

CarolAnn said, “I liked the name to begin with, then since she helped me and calmed me down so much I just felt fitting to have it included somehow.\"

Baby Jordan is expected to be OK.
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