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"It's not pleasant:" Neighbors upset about pile of top soil towering over subdivisions in Port Washington

A mountain of a mess is what neighbors call it and not only do they think it's an eyesore but a safety hazard as well.

The pile of top soil towers over several subdivisions in Port Washington near East Sauk Road.

They say it's there because they need it for projects that are still under construction.

They city has gotten several complaints from neighbors about the pile and last week the company put some seed over the pile in hopes that grass would grow over it. However, a downpour quickly washed that away.

Neighbors say dirt from the pile gets on their windows and furniture and sometimes in their eyes, they say enough is enough.

"It's not pleasant. I sit out here and it's just frustrating. It's a beautiful day and you're looking around and you're looking at this mountain of dirt for no reason at all," said neighbor Pamela Tripp.

The company says they understand the concerns from neighbors and that the plan to have the mound removed next year when they start the last phase of construction.

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