'It's been pretty difficult:' Wisconsin salons, gyms await word on reopening

NOW: ’It’s been pretty difficult:’ Wisconsin salons, gyms await word on reopening

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Thousands of Wisconsin retail stores can now reopen under Governor Tony Evers’ updated order, but right now Wisconsinites still cannot get their haircut or go to the gym.

“Obviously when we talk about hair salons and other hands-on retail that is a wholly different thing and we’re not prepared to do that yet because the risk is much higher,” Governor Evers said Monday.

Gemini Salon & Spa is located in a Kenosha strip mall. Under the governor’s updated order, many of their neighbors can reopen, but they along with other salons must remain closed.

“It’s picking winners and losers and we’re the losers, and we’re not happy about it,” Heidi Norstrom, Owner of Gemini Salon & Spa in Kenosha, said.

People can purchase and pick up product from Gemini Salon & Spa , but haircuts will have to wait.

“We feel that we can do this safely,” Norstrom said. “We have shields, we have masks, and we have hospital grade disinfectant.”

Salons are not alone. It is still unclear when Wisconsin gyms will be able to open their doors again.

“It’s been pretty difficult,” Shannon Vick, the owner of Iron Fist Fitness in Wauwatosa, said.

Iron Fist Fitness is offering some online workout courses, but Vick worries about the impact not only on his business, but on his customers.

“If you don’t have a gym to go to I think you’re leaving yourself more susceptible to sickness because you’re in a sedentary position all day,” Vick said. ”People need to get moving, people need to go to a place where they can have that outlet.”

Many salons and gyms are ready to take the safety precautions necessary to open back up.

“Nine times out of ten I’m training one person and I’m able to keep that 6-foot social distance,” Vick said.

Susan Rausch, owner of Gemini Salon & Spa, said their customers miss them and they of course miss their customers too.

“Give us a chance to show that we can do this, that we can do this safely,” Rausch said.

Products can be purchased over the phone through Gemini Salon & Spa this week. Call (262) 857-8001 to order and pay over the phone. Then you can pick up the product outside the salon without any contact.

For more information on Vick’s virtual training program visit www.ironfistfitness.com.

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